Bifocal / Progressive Contact Lenses

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30 Lenses per box

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If you suffer from presbyopia and thought bifocal glasses were your only option, we’re happy to prove you wrong. Our bifocal (or progressive) contact lenses allow you to see or read close-up and also view far-sighted objects by splitting the prescription across the middle of the contact lens. No more endless searches for your reading glasses – bifocal contact lenses mean you will have near and far sight from day start to end.


Presbyopia is the condition where the eye’s ability to focus on close-up objects diminishes. This usually occurs with age, commonly from age 40 onwards, and sufferers usually find that when trying to read or focus on small details their vision becomes blurry and they need to hold the object further away. This is actually to do with the lens of the eye becoming more rigid with age, and less able to flex and focus as it could when younger. Presbyopia is easily corrected with lenses but as the condition only affects close-up sight, most people find that they can only wear the lenses as and when necessary as the presbyopia correction blurs vision for far-sighted objects. However, this can become a hassle if you don’t always keep a pair of glasses nearby, so that’s where bifocal lenses come in.


Bifocal lenses are a convenient way of correcting your presbyopia whilst still being able to see objects at medium to far distances. The lower part of the lens has the corrective prescription, whilst the top half has no prescription; allowing you to clearly view objects close-up by looking down and objects far away by looking straight ahead and up. Traditionally, bifocal glasses were the only way to achieve this, but now contact lens technology has advanced and bifocals are available as contact lenses – giving you the extra convenience of contacts instead of cumbersome glasses.


We offer bifocal and progressive contact lenses from big brands such as Acuvue Oasys and Focus Dailies, available in two-weekly and monthly disposables. With these trusted brands you’ll get the latest contact lens technology and soft, comfortable lens material that will allow your eyes to breathe, and stay moist and healthy for long periods of time. All of this with bifocal lenses and lower prices compared to high street opticians – you can even find opticians’ own brand contacts on our website for a cheaper price, just check out our opticians’ own brand guide.